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We were on vacation for 10 days, rent a house in a small development nr mofos Malaga, mostly to bask in the sun to relax. It mofos was a big house, 5 beds, pool, terraces one upstairs bedroom. went with some friends, but in the afternoon, it was natural that I go naked for a CPL of hours sunbathing on the upper terrace. I was well on top of the hot sun for about an hour, when I sent a txt T was... 'I'm hot and mofos horny,' he said.... 'They come in an hour, and hot. ' She was sunbathing topless in the pool with friends below. Look through the gaps in the wall and I could see, wearing a black thong small, it was adapting to the surface could get all brown, but still her shaved pussy while lying on the chat. ' Bring a mofos couple of ice cubes, if you get ' I txted back. After his message could not wait... I started mofos to masturbate in bed is on the wall, knowing full well I could not see from all the other towns, as the sun's heatburned at my naked body with oil. The terrace had two doors in the... one of the bedrooms and one en- suite and went to the bathroom to myself in the full-length mirror.... proudly shaved tail coming out of my looks tan, muscular body, he stood leaning against the wall, knowing that my hard cock against the concrete brush on the other hand, as I watched people in neighboring houses. I went to bed and lay down and caressed my tits and play with my cock, her eyes closed. When I opened, I saw the bathroom door was standing, leaning against the frame, naked, looking like one of his hands played with her nipples, the other stroked her belly just above her pussy. I sat down and she came and told me to move from the couch... Never spoken.... She leaned back, closed his eyes, legs spread, knees bent, spread her legs and licked the fingers of his right hand. With his left hand he opened his beautiful soft lips, Shaved pussy and down the other side began to roll her clitoris, while the sun was burning inside. I stood there and watched masturbating, slowly, as she put in mofos a program.... caressing her big tits while playing with her ​​pussy and then rolling and squeezing her nipples a thick, she came to play. When she was hot, he slipped a finger into her pussy juicy and now as he did his back arched in pleasure and moaned softly... I wanted you to fucking much, but know what to expect.... I have ice cubes that had been kneeling at the foot of the bed and between mofos her legs, fell to the edge of a hot pussy. She gasped when the ice touched his lips and head became hot again. I turned to ice cube on the lips as I leaned forward and licked her clit. He dropped a hand to the side and I moved around so she could feel my cock stiff. They grabbed him, pushed him hard and began to masturbate.... all the time with eyes closed. I went to the couch and lifted her legs to the wallfacing to the mansions of mofos others.... wall with holes in it and let me know if the neighbors saw that the EPC will probably see us and spread pussy in front of them. I stood up, feet on top of mofos each side of the sofa and leaned started sucking and licking her pussy with my penis and the testicles hang inches from his face. She came over and started pulling my balls with one hand and slowly wank me and the other hard... all the time squeezing my viens axis so that the burst. She stood up and licked my balls one by one in his mouth... Below is down, hit my bare ass as he pushed my tongue deep into her, tasting her juices. We might say, , who wanted to end up like my cock jerked and twisted so she turned to me, that I was against it. Clutched in his right hand around my penis and sucked me into her mouth eagerly and straw for me, as he slipped two fingers into her pussy. I mofos could not stand it anymore... the sunBurns on the back, pushing my cock between my lips and fingers her lover himself. I shot all my sperm down her throat while I empty milk... cursed at the same time, that came with my cock still in her mouth. I knelt by his side and his eyes still closed, he kissed her deeply, tasting my cum on her lips. A the following afternoon, we have it all over again... although it was photographed while playing with her pussy and I wear underwear was torn stained cum.
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